Check Your Grades!

A reminder: grades for Collections I and II have been posted. I’ll work on posting grades for III this week.

If you don’t have a grade for a Collection it’s because I missed or was unable to identify the “index” post linking to your work. If I missed it, message me on Slack with the link! If you haven’t posted it, or forgot, please do so and let me know via Slack.

Meeting Room opens at 1:45p today!

The room for our meetup with Bryan Alexander officially opens at 1:45p today (Tuesday, June 27). I will open the room even earlier if you’d like to test…due to limited time with Bryan, I want to start the discussion promptly at 2p!

Please check your email or the Slack announcement channel for the link to the Zoom room (the first time you connect to the room you will be prompted to download the software).

If you can’t attend but have a question you’d like to ask Bryan, let me know in a comment on this post or on Slack and I will do my best to work it in if we have time!

Two quick tech notes for Zoom:

1. if you haven’t used it before you will probably have some security prompts asking you to approve running Zoom.

2. I’ve set the meeting so that participants are automatically muted when they join the meeting. Feel free to enable your camera at any time, if you wish, but remember to unmute when you want to talk. And I really hope you all talk…listening to me talk with Bryan would probably be very boring for you!

Collection I Grades Are Posted

I’ve posted grades for Collection I in Blackboard. Please take a look at your grade (click through to the details to see what I based the score on) and let me know if I missed anything!

Note 1: If you disagree with my math, just let me know what I messed up on. Since some Nousioneers hate me and declined to make an “index” post for Collection I, so I had to do my best to figure out what activities belonged to the collection…I may have missed some or misinterpreted.

Note 1a: I may also have just messed something up!

Note 2: If you have no grade, that means you haven’t posted the work yet (that I can find), probably because you joined the class late. I’ll be watching for your Collection I “index” post telling me you’ve completed the collection activities.

Reminder: Connection & Commitment Means Comments

TL;DR: progressing through the course as if you are the only one will not only be less rich and interesting, but it won’t raise your grade above average either. For that you will want to comment, collaborate, interact, engage, question, etc.

While there are other ways to make connections and show commitment, some of which will be engaged as part of Collections III and IV, the primary method is through engaging with your peers. And the most straightforward way to do this is through commenting on their blog and wiki entries. This, of course, also means you need to pay attention to—and respond to—your peers when they engage with your own work!

Here, I have highlighted all the comments made by current Nousionauts (excluding myself, fncll) on wiki pages other than their own:

That’s not a mistake…there aren’t any!

Here is a view in my feed reader in which I’ve highlighted recent comments made by Nousionauts (again, other than myself) for this course over the past week:

A little thin!

There’s no single view of the Nousion group stream that shows this information directly, but it’s fairly easy to see that while some people are annotating the web literacy book, most are not responding to anything that others have said (yet).

I certainly recognize that many students are proceeding at different paces, and the first few to complete an activity don’t have as much to potentially respond to. But there is a lot of great work being done out there now…and not all of it can possibly be perfect and fully complete!

Viewing and Following Class Annotations in

Just a note as you are annotating and commenting using one of the reasons I am using a class group is to make it easier to follow your classmates’ comments!

As you each add your annotations to Mike’s book, if you choose the Nousion group for your annotations, they will appear in the stream of comments on the group page:

You can click any of the user’s names on the right to drill down into their particular annotations (and use the “Visit Annotations in Context” link to see the comments on that page…where you can respond). For example, here I have drilled down into just Bob’s comments:

Scheduling a Meetup Next Week with Bryan Alexander

Please check your email for an invitation/poll for our meetup with Bryan Alexander next week and respond by Friday. Also, please submit the poll even if your availability is extremely limited or nil…that way I know you received the invitation! This is a great opportunity to have a conversation about digital citizenship, web literacy, fake news, technology and education with an internationally renowned speaker, futurist, consultant and researcher.

I will endeavor to record the session, but given Google’s flakiness with hangouts and recordings lately, I’m making no guarantees!