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How to Complete Your Collection

A note about assignments and collections: if you would, please post each individual activity as an individual post on your site. Then, to “submit” your collection when you’ve completed the required and “Your Choice” activities, make a post that links to each of the previously published pieces. This makes it easier to orient and sustain comments/discussion (and easier for me to keep track of)!


During the month of June, there will be an ongoing Digital Citizenship discussion that can be tracked through Twitter using the hashtag #DigCiz – I encourage following, reading and participating. Feel free to use that participation as the basis for making up your own Your Choice assignments. Who knows, you might even find something that shapes the rest of your summer activities in this class. I’m open to your proposals and ideas!

Note: I decided not to require Twitter for class this summer, but it is an excellent tool for connecting with other education professionals, particularly in this area. Skeptical? Taking part in the #DigCiz community might change your mind.

library 2.0 Online Conference

The library 2.0 Online Conference is tomorrow. Evaluating news, “fake” and suspicious news, etc. are a significant part of digital literacy and citizenship. These are the topics of this year’s Library 2.0 online conference. If you attend any of the sessions (or listen to recordings), you can use these for Collection activities. Also, note Bryan Alexander and Doug Belshaw on the opening Keynote panel (and Bryan is the closing keynote speaker too). I hope to have Bryan as a guest in the class and you will be reading Doug’s book (and possibly meeting with him) as well.

First Contact Assignment

Time for your first assignment: check your email for a message from me (sent May 21) and respond to it. If you don’t see that message, let me know at

In your response please:

  1. Let me know what email address you’d like me to use and your preferred first name of address (I’m a Christopher, but only my mom gets to call me that…call me Chris!)
  2. Confirm that you were able to access both this site (naturally) and the Blackboard course shell (that’s where the grade book is)
  3. Include the assignment passphrase (confirming you did receive my email)
  4. Share a link to a cool website you’ve discovered recently

Welcome and Getting Started

Welcome to the 2017 edition of ED 654, also known as Nousion!

The shape and form of this course might be a little bewildering at first. But don’t worry, it will quickly become clear.

To get started please:

  1. Watch the Welcome Video/Screencast above to get a sense as to what this course is all about.
  2. Familiarize Yourself with the Course Info page and video. Don’t skip this…it’s the best way to be sure this course is for you.
  3. Complete the First Contact Assignment (below). In your reply you will have a chance to let me know if you wish to use a different email account (among other things).
  4. Get Started Using the Get Started! Page. This links required and optional assignments that are part of your first Collection.

If you need help, please do not hesitate to Contact me. One of the ways I respect you and your time is by being as open, communicative and timely as possible!