• Collection I: Geeking Out
    Theme: Setting the Stage. Before we get into the study of living online (digital citizenship) and all that stems from it (intellectual property in the digital age, copryight and fair use, legal issues), we need to establish our online home. For this course that will be a web site, starting with a blog and growing from there, paired with Slack as a class discussion hub... and other useful applications and tools as we go along.
  • Collection II: Digital/Web Cit/Lit
    Theme: digging into digital literacy and citizenship. This is the heart of the main content area of the course, in which we grapple with two texts and consider---and hopefully interrogate---our ideas of digital citizenship. This is a significantly revised module: please let me know if you run into issues or experience anomalies with the instructions!
  • Collection III: IP, Etc.
    Theme: intellectual property as an idea and some of the various ideas that stem from it, including: Copyright, Fair Use and the Commons (Creative and otherwise).
  • Collection IV: ADA & More
    Theme: problems and opportunities (dare I repeat the horrid: probletunities?) posed by some pieces of legislation (and judicial precedents) that are particularly relevant to teaching and learning…and teaching and learning with technology.