Collection I: Geeking Out

Theme: Setting the Stage

Before we get into the study of living online (digital citizenship) and all that stems from it (intellectual property in the digital age, copryight and fair use, legal issues), we need to establish our communication channel and your online home for the class. For this course that will be a Slack as a class discussion hub and your own web site—starting with a blog and growing from there—plus other useful applications and tools as we go along.

Your Mission

Complete the following required activities and your choice of the optional activities totaling up to 150 points (that’s right, 150…in other words, 25 points possible of ‘extra’ credit).

  • Start Slacking
    REQUIRED (15 pts) | Due: May 23 --- Access the Slack chat/discussion hub, join and post to the "i-am-here" channel, send a direct message to me.
  • Get Your Domain On!
    REQUIRED (25 pts) | Due May 27 --- Send me a link to your existing web site or set up your new domain with Reclaimhosting
  • Start Your Blog Engine
    REQUIRED (10 pts) | Due: May 31 --- Install WordPress
  • Sound Your Barbaric Blog Yawp
    REQUIRED (25 pts) | Due: June 2 --- Your first big, audacious blog post
  • Your Choice Assignments
    YOUR CHOICE (up to 75 pts) | Due: June 3 --- Choose from a variety of assignments

How to Submit Your Collection

Since you now have a class blog (the one you set up as part of this collection!), lets use it! For this collection:

  1. Publish a blog post with links to your Barbaric Blog Yawp, and all of the Your Choice assignments you completed.
  2. Tag your post “collection.”

Since you’ve told me where your blog is already, I’ll see the post when it’s published correctly…meaning as long as you use the tag collection.

Seeing Your Grade

I will provide general comments on your collection on your blog, including requests for revisions. You can see your official grade and private comments using the Grade Center in Blackboard.