Your Choice Assignments

Mix and match from the following possible assignments, up to 75 points total. Create an individual post on your blog for each assignment you choose. Your finished collection will include links to all of them.

Make & Share (20-40 pts)

20 points each; 2 assignments max in this collection; tag: makeandshare

Task: Make something non-textual. You choose the medium, theme, everything. My only requirement is that it be other (or more than) simple text. You can use words, they just can’t be the main thing. Examples of what you might make: video, screencast, audio, animated GIF, mind map, drawing, infographic, map…surprise me!

Not-so-secret objective(s): 1) get you to explore ways of being online beyond text and 2) see what kinds of skills you have using different media

Search & Research (15-30 pts)

15 points each; 2 assignments max in this collection; tag: searchandresearch

Task: Choose from the following list of topics and create a research page that includes a description/definition of the topic (a few paragraphs or so is fine) and how you think it might relate to the purpose of this class…and links to 7 or more “readings” that support or expand upon your description/definition along with a brief summary. “Readings” may include articles, web pages, blog posts, video, podcasts, etc.


Not-so-secret objective(s) 1) Promote exploring topics that are at the foundation of this course and collection.

Wing It! (10-20 pts)

10 points each; 2 assignments max in this collection; tag: wingit

Task: Make up an assignment including the assignment activity and the goal/point of it. Complete the assignment yourself. Give yourself a grade.

Not-so-secret objective(s): 1) Give you a chance to improvise and 2) Give me ideas to creatively borrow for future courses.

Think About Your Thinking (5-15 pts)

5 points each; 3 assignments max in this collection; tag: metathink

Task: Reflect on your experience performing one of the required collection activities. What did you find most challenging? What questions remain? Why do you think I required it? What advice would you give a student if you could travel into the future and give them advice?

Not-so-secret objective(s): Metacognition, or the attention to—and ideally the control of—learning is a critical skill. Paying attention to how you learn (and don’t) is the first step toward achieving it.

Tell Me What You Want (What You Really Really Want) (5-15 pts)

5 points each; 3 assignments max in this collection; tag: whatireallywant

Task: I’m taking requests! Tell us about something you want to learn in this class. It can be a specific concept, a skill, a broad concept, a philosophy…whatever you choose, tell us a little about what you already know and share some links to illustrate what you are talking about.

Not-so-secret objective(s): Help me understand what you are looking for in this course so I can try to accommodate your needs and be totally awesome.