Collection II: Digital/Web Cit/Lit

Theme: Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, Life Online, Oh My!

The theme for the next three weeks of the course is digital citizenship (whatever that might be) and digital literacy/fluency (if they exist). You’ll begin with some “readings” in and around the foundations of digital citizenship as well as exploring some of the many models that have been proposed. Then you’ll spend time with Doug Belshaw’s book The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies and Michael Caulfield’s new book Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers, which highlights, from both sides, an issue of critical importance to citizenship given the recent presidential election, the explosion in fake/suspicious/questionable news, etc.

Remember, all of this will ultimately be a part of your not-so-final project in which you will tell all of us, among other things, what you now think digital citizenship and digital literacy mean and how you plan to integrate those ideas into your life and work.

Your Mission

Complete the following required activities and your choice of the optional activities totaling up to 150 points.

How to Submit Your Collection

To submit this collection, publish a blog post tagged collection. This time you can either list all the links to your Collection items themselves or a post with a link to a Page that has the list of links. When I see the post with the proper tag, I know you’re done!

Seeing Your Grade

I will provide general comments on your collection on your blog, including requests for revisions. You can see your official grade and private comments using the Grade Center in Blackboard.