Essential Elements of Digital Literacy: I

For this activity you will reflect on Chapters 1-5 of Doug Belshaw’s book The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies. The ebook is available under a Creative Commons license, so you can either download it from Doug’s site (you name the price, starting at $0), supporting Doug’s work, or Direct Message me in Slack and I will share it with you directly.

Your Mission: Read and Reflect

For each of Chapters 1-5, read and create a Rich Reflection but with this difference: instead of posting your reflection to your site, you are going to post it on the book’s wiki.

To do this, you will need to:

  • Use the “Create Account” link at the top right of the wiki’s homepage
  • Once registered and logged in, follow the link with your name on the Nousion Readings page to officially create your page.

At this point you have some choices. You can keep adding your reflections to that one page, or create multiple pages (one per chapter, one per collection activity, one per topic…whatever), or even collaborate with a fellow student to create shared reflection pages. At any rate, you will end up with 5 Rich Reflection pieces on the wiki for this part of the Collection.

Wiki Jump Start

If you’ve edited Wikipedia before, the process will be pretty much the same since Doug’s site is using the same software. If you are new to wikis, following are some helpful resources about what wikis are and how to format your work using the plain text wiki “markup” language:

And a quick screencast showing you exactly what to do once you have created your account and are ready to start on the Nousion Readings page:

Not-So-Secret Objective

In addition to the usual yada yada of active reading and reflection, you will learn a little bit about contributing to a wiki and experience discussing a work in the full view of that work’s author…and experience one of the many interesting models in which books and social media are being intertwined.

Submit Your Assignment

Create a blog post tagged richreflection with a link to your specific reflection page(s) on the site for chapters 1-5.