Collection III: IP, Etc.

Theme: Intellectual Property and Its Offspring

The theme for the next three weeks is intellectual property as an idea and some of the various ideas that stem from it, including: Copyright, Fair Use and the Commons (Creative and otherwise). We’ll begin by investigating the very idea of intellectual property and the common wisdom of its necessity…as a whole and as it applies to intangible “property.” Then we’ll explore the most common intellectual property law in most of our lives—copyright—and the important doctrine of “fair use” that gives educators and artists significantly more freedom than they commonly exert. Finally, we’ll examine the idea of the “commons” (and, incidentally, the “public domain”) and consider some of our options for living and working in that system as teachers, learners, artists and scientists.

Your Mission

Complete the following required activities and your choice of the optional activities totaling up to 150 points (once again, 25 points possible of ‘extra’ credit). If you aren’t already working on something collaborative with another Nousioneer, don’t wait to start the “Collaborate, a little” activity…it might take some time find a partner (or two) and complete…

How to Submit Your Collection

By now you know the drill: publish some kind of index of your work that you want me to consider part of this collection. This can be a blog post or a page…or whatever fits in with the way your site is currently designed. Whatever you choose, it needs to be something that is seen on the front page of your site (and hopefully in your site feed).

Seeing Your Grade

I will provide general comments on your collection on your blog, including requests for revisions. You can see your official grade and private comments using the Grade Center in Blackboard.