Collection IV: ADA & More

Theme: Complications & Opportunities (Legal Issues)

The theme for the next two weeks are the problems and opportunities (dare I repeat the horrid: probletunities?) posed by some pieces of legislation (and judicial precedents) that are particularly relevant to teaching and learning…and teaching and learning with technology. In addition to copyright, fair use and intellectual property issues you’ve already discovered and explored.

Your Mission

Complete the following required activities and your choice of the optional activities totaling up to 150 points (once again, 25 points possible of ‘extra’ credit).

How to Submit Your Collection

Do I really need to tell you? To submit this collection, publish a blog post called “Collection IV” or in some other way identifiable as your submission. You can list all the links to your Collection items themselves or share a link to a Page (or category, or whatever works in the way you’ve organized your site) that has all of the Collection links. When I see the post with the proper tag, I know you’re done!

Seeing Your Grade

I will provide general comments on your collection on your blog, including requests for revisions. You can see your official grade and private comments using the Grade Center in Blackboard.