ED F654 : “Digital Citizenship” & Intellectual Property

Summer 2017 – 3 credits

Instructor & Contact

Listed in order of preference, from most available and productive, to least. I will do my best to respond to email within 24 hours (or the next day) at the latest.

Slack (the best place for both public and private discussion):
email: Chris Lott <>
Twitter: @fncll
Google Chat/Hangout:

Call me! - Chris Lott

Catalog Description

An examination of critical elements of digital citizenship [whatever that is, if it exists at all], a survey of contemporary legal issues, and an exploration of copyright, fair use, and intellectual property relevant to educators and instructional designers.


Most course readings are available freely on the open web. Those few that aren’t are available free to students using UAF Library article databases.

Course Grading

I’d prefer not to give grades at all, but since I must, I will use the following simple (I hope) system. Your participation and engagement in this course is worth 1000 points consisting of the following parts:

  • Course Collections: 500 points (4 @ 125 points each)
  • Course Communication: 100 points
  • Course Connection: 200 points
  • Course Commitment: 100 points
  • Decidedly Non-Final Project: 100 points

If it’s your goal, you can earn a C by doing the work that is assigned. There will be ample opportunity for any student to earn a higher grade by going above and beyond that in demonstrating their commitment. Read more about this course’s Four Cs.


Students must either be admitted to the School of Education M.Ed. program or obtain instructor permission to enroll in this course (he’ll give permission…the more students the merrier!).

Instructional Methods

This is a fully online course that will be taught using a variety of teaching methods and technologies including web discussion and publishing and Twitter. Students will perform internet research, reading assignments, create student presentations and engage in debates and dialogues.

Disabilities Services

The Office of Disability Services implements the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and ensures that UAF students have equal access to the campus and course materials. State that you will work with the Office of Disabilities Services (208 WHITAKER BLDG, 474-5655) to provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities.