The Four ‘C’s

Your grade in this course is based on the following areas (the Four Cs).


Most of your grade in this course is based on your Collections. A Collection is simply a set of links to the combination of required and optional (Your Choice) assignments/activities you’ve completed over those weeks. Think of the Collections as portfolios…except Collections start with a ‘c’ and I liked the alliteration.

Unless you’ve talked to me, Collections are due by Midnight in your time zone on the due dates listed in the Schedule and I will deduct 10 points per day for late submissions. I care about your learning, not the points, so just talk to me if you are having problems meeting the deadlines.


Communication comprises the minimum interactions required to complete your collections. Such interactions are defined in the descriptions of the assignments.


Connection is interaction beyond the minimum required above: dialogue with your peers and the world, sharing what you make, the sparks of ideas meeting, the fire of collaboration, the friction of opposing viewpoints and adding to the public conversation. Going beyond comments to conversation and collaboration is connection.


Did you revise or expand upon your work when asked? That demonstrates commitment. Did you engage with others’ work and thoughts beyond the minimum necessary? That’s commitment. Did you respond to those who took the time to comment on your work? That’s commitment. Did you ask questions? Did you challenge me, yourself and others? That’s commitment.

Commitment is a holistic and subjective assessment by myself based on your interactions with myself, your peers and the public. This kind of assessment can be uncomfortable. But that’s the way it is at the graduate level. If you have questions at any time about this (or any other part of the Four Cs): talk to me!