FAQ: Citation Styles (not)

A couple of Nousioneers have inquired about required citation styles for this class. The simple answer: unless stated otherwise for a specific assignment, there is no required citation style. Instead, I would like you to use/link/weave/cite references on your writing based on the following two principles:

  1. Web Readability and Clarity. For this class you writing on and for the web, so make style choices for that medium: that’s much more important than scholarly formatting…and paying attention to those details and how they work in the formal, semi-formal and informal writing spaces is a part of digital/web literacy.
  2. Linked Sources. Link to directly to the material you are referring to (when that isn’t possible, link to a public database, Google Scholar, etc. entry) within your text in a readable fashion.

A good example of what I mean can be found in this (topically relevant) piece by Heidi Olson, a former student in this class who wrote a Search and Research entry on Digital Categories and Misconceptions.

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