FAQ: Where to Comment?

A common question that emerges at this point in the class: where should you be commenting and conversing with your peers, since that is a significant part of your final grade?

Answer: a major part of the model of this class is promoting not just comments, but discussions (which demands, of course, responding to comments)! But we are also experimenting with a number of technologies, including Slack. I don’t want to be too prescriptive—and Slack is a new experiment for this class—but I do think a principle applies here just as it does anytime you want to engage with others about their work:

Comment and converse as close to the object you are discussing as possible.

For most things in this class, that means on their blog/site or, if the writing needs to be longer, more readily filled with links, etc., then on your own site with appropriate links to what is being discussed. That’s why we are publishing in the open! Occasionally another method will make sense: using an annotation tool, for instance, or commenting via the object’s native platform…as with most things in this course, I encourage experimentation over prescription.

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  1. Lacey Calvert

    Hi Chris,
    I may have missed the page…but where can I find the blog-sites of my classmates?

    1. Chris Lott (Post author)

      Hi Lacey: look on the People page on the main nav bar. There you will find a list of names of your classmates, each linked to their site along with a list of their most recent posts.

      1. Lacey Calvert

        Thanks Chris!


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