Get Started!

FIRST: Course Information

Be sure you are on board with the focus and expectations of this course as outlined in the Course Info section and video. Otherwise, save yourself before it’s too late!

How This Course Works

This course is intended to be simple in structure so you can focus on the complex topics. Essentially there are three aspects of the course for you to work through and with: the Home Page, the Schedule and the Collections

The Home Page and Slack Announcements

I will post impromptu assignments and announcements on the course home page and/or in the Slack community. I cannot guarantee I will also send notices via email, so keep an eye on the front page.

The Schedule

The Schedule page provides a weekly outline for the course and required readings that are not part of Collection activities. For convenience, I’ve listed individual collection requirements for the first Collection on the schedule page. For subsequent Collections, required and optional assignments will only appear on the relevant Collections page. You will post all assignments that result in some kind of product to your site.


Periodically, you’ll gather together links to the assignments you’ve completed into Collections which you will share. Your Collections comprise most of your grade in this course!

A Note on “Your Choice” Assignments

In addition to the required assignments on the schedule, each Collection includes assignments you choose from a pool of options, AKA “Your Choice” assignments.

Don’t assume that because you’ve worked through the required assignments you are done! You will fail the course if you do..

Look at the requirements for each collection when it starts so you can begin choosing and completing optional assignments.

Let’s Do This!

Go to the Schedule page and start with the assignments and activities for Collection I.