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The library 2.0 Online Conference is tomorrow. Evaluating news, “fake” and suspicious news, etc. are a significant part of digital literacy and citizenship. These are the topics of this year’s Library 2.0 online conference. If you attend any of the sessions (or listen to recordings), you can use these for Collection activities. Also, note Bryan Alexander and Doug Belshaw on the opening Keynote panel (and Bryan is the closing keynote speaker too). I hope to have Bryan as a guest in the class and you will be reading Doug’s book (and possibly meeting with him) as well.

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  1. Lacey

    Hi Chris, if we attend/listen to recordings of the sessions how should we let you know? Blog post with topic?

  2. Chris Lott (Post author)

    You can use what you learn as the basis of a number of future Your Choice assignments. Or you can use the “Create Your Own Assignment” to create an assignment for yourself based on what you learned, etc. Using one of those methods will give you points toward your collection. You can also simply blog about it and that will certainly count toward “commitment” points.


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