Meeting Room opens at 1:45p today!

The room for our meetup with Bryan Alexander officially opens at 1:45p today (Tuesday, June 27). I will open the room even earlier if you’d like to test…due to limited time with Bryan, I want to start the discussion promptly at 2p!

Please check your email or the Slack announcement channel for the link to the Zoom room (the first time you connect to the room you will be prompted to download the software).

If you can’t attend but have a question you’d like to ask Bryan, let me know in a comment on this post or on Slack and I will do my best to work it in if we have time!

Two quick tech notes for Zoom:

1. if you haven’t used it before you will probably have some security prompts asking you to approve running Zoom.

2. I’ve set the meeting so that participants are automatically muted when they join the meeting. Feel free to enable your camera at any time, if you wish, but remember to unmute when you want to talk. And I really hope you all talk…listening to me talk with Bryan would probably be very boring for you!

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