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UPDATED: 6/21/17 with the last student site. You can re-import the file in your reader.

If you use a feed reader like Feedly (powerful and user-friendly) or Inoreader (super powerful, recommended for information junkies), here is an OPML file you can use to import all class blogs (including comments) at once: nousion-17-all-sites (right-click and save file).

To use the OPML file with Feedly, click on Organize Sources in the sidebar and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find an Import Opml… link. Use this link to import the file you just saved.

To use the OPML file with Inoreader, click on the Gear icon to access your Preferences, look for the Import/Export section and use the Import button to import the file you just saved (you might want to create a folder to put them all in).

If you aren’t yet a user of a feed reader, you might find it useful not just for this class, but for keeping up with news and information sources of all kinds. Setting yourself up with a feed reader and using it can also count as part of your activities for an upcoming collection. The beauty of the feed reader is that it creates something much like an email inbox with all posts and comments in one place for readings, browsing to comment, etc., keeping track of what you’ve read (and left unread)—and what is new—as you go. This saves a TON of time over constantly browsing to individual sites to see what is new.

For example, this is one of my Inoreader views of all the unread items in class blogs and comments:

And with an article selected:

Or, an alternative view of a single blog (there are multiple views to choose from):


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