Reminder: Connection & Commitment Means Comments

TL;DR: progressing through the course as if you are the only one will not only be less rich and interesting, but it won’t raise your grade above average either. For that you will want to comment, collaborate, interact, engage, question, etc.

While there are other ways to make connections and show commitment, some of which will be engaged as part of Collections III and IV, the primary method is through engaging with your peers. And the most straightforward way to do this is through commenting on their blog and wiki entries. This, of course, also means you need to pay attention to—and respond to—your peers when they engage with your own work!

Here, I have highlighted all the comments made by current Nousionauts (excluding myself, fncll) on wiki pages other than their own:

That’s not a mistake…there aren’t any!

Here is a view in my feed reader in which I’ve highlighted recent comments made by Nousionauts (again, other than myself) for this course over the past week:

A little thin!

There’s no single view of the Nousion group stream that shows this information directly, but it’s fairly easy to see that while some people are annotating the web literacy book, most are not responding to anything that others have said (yet).

I certainly recognize that many students are proceeding at different paces, and the first few to complete an activity don’t have as much to potentially respond to. But there is a lot of great work being done out there now…and not all of it can possibly be perfect and fully complete!

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