Scheduling a Meetup Next Week with Bryan Alexander

Please check your email for an invitation/poll for our meetup with Bryan Alexander next week and respond by Friday. Also, please submit the poll even if your availability is extremely limited or nil…that way I know you received the invitation! This is a great opportunity to have a conversation about digital citizenship, web literacy, fake news, technology and education with an internationally renowned speaker, futurist, consultant and researcher.

I will endeavor to record the session, but given Google’s flakiness with hangouts and recordings lately, I’m making no guarantees!

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  1. Bob Heath

    I’ve heard Bryan speak and he is quite engaging. At the time he was exploring dystopian futures for higher education. I also follow his blog, loosely. I am looking forward to this since his thinking has taken a number of turns.

    1. Chris Lott (Post author)

      Dystopic ed futures and “queen sacrifices” still play a part in his thinking. He’s wicked smaht and I’m looking forward to the conversation!


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