The Answer Is Yes

The answer is: yes.

A Nousionaut asked me today if she could, for one of her reflections, “have a discussion on Slack about the chapter and then post a screen shot to our blog?” My response: yes! Even better, I noted, she could create a channel in Slack and have a conversation there…then no screenshots are necessary and anyone who wants to could join in. Yes, a thousand times yes.

I try to leave as many assignments open-ended as possible for just this reason: you can do it your own way! If nothing else, the sheer tedium of writing so many reflections the same way should drive you to trying out alternatives.


Can some of your reflections exist solely as comments/additions to the wiki reflections of your fellow voyagers? Yes. Can some of your reflections be simply comments on other Nousioneers’ blog pages? Yes. Can you record a conversation on Skype or Zoom with a class compatriot (or two, or three) and count that? Yes.

Side note: I refuse to force you to treat this course as something other than independent study…forcing you to engage/collaborate/debate with your peers feels forced and fraudulent…but I think the class is more fun if you do and I recognize such interactions both in terms of Connection and Commitment points as well as freedom to, as our greatest monarch, the Burger King observed, have it your way.

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