Wiki Reflections and You (All)

Reflections on Doug Belshaw’s book are starting to flow into the book wiki. Please pay attention to what your peers have to say (and how they are saying it, both rhetorically and technologically in terms of how they are structuring, linking, etc. their reflections) and consider commenting on their work and integrating some of their thoughts in with your own.

There are a few ways you can comment and interact on the wiki. The most direct is to insert your comments on the pages themselves, as you can see I have done on Bob Heath’s reflections.

Note that, if you copy the title of a page and use it as a link, as I have done in my comment on Bob’s reflection on Chapter 2, then the page you have linked to will show that in the list of “what links here” (try it for yourself by navigating to Chris Fliss’s Chapter 2 reflections and clicking the “what links here” entry in the sidebar.

Finally, remember that you are writing on and for the web, so make use of the capabilities: don’t just refer to other pages, articles and sites (including your own)…link to them! Writing for the web is a genre/literacy/art of its own that you should explore in this class as you have had to explore formal academic writing style and citations in (probably too many) other classes.

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