Nousion is the leading authority on drug rehab and addiction treatment in the United States. We are committed to helping those seeking drug rehab find the best possible facility for their needs. With our extensive database of drug rehab centers, we can help you find the perfect program for your situation.

Our Team

Taisha Lee

Taisha Lee is the founder of Nousion. After attending Florida State University, she qualified as a Physician and began her career in the medical field. However, she soon realized that she wanted to do more to help people, and so she founded Nousion with the aim of providing support and guidance to those who need it most. She is passionate about her work, and believes that every person has the potential to achieve great things if they are given the opportunity.

Peter White

Peter White is the editor in chief at Nousion. Peter is a recovering addict himself, and knows first-hand how difficult it can be to find quality addiction treatment. He has been clean and sober for over six years, and is passionate about helping others find the same freedom from addiction that he has found.